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Week two Costa Rica Ziplinning by Elena Grace Orwick

Costaricaziplinning click the green link to watch a short video!!!

I was scared. I was terrified. I was ready to go back. I was being hooked up to the cable. I was glued to the sight of a llonngggg wire 100s of feet above the ground. I didn’t even know that I said I was ready till it slipped out of my mouth and I was gone. Sliding down the line like a bullet.

As I neared the middle of the cable I looked to the side, sun hidden behind a cloud, and what sounded like a zipper on steroids buzzing in my head. Big drops of water started to pelt my face and filling my shirt with wet splotches.
Finally the end of the line was in sight, through the dens fog, that I realized later was a cloud.

I saw the end. The breaking point, the big cushion that reminded me of a punching bag.

Would I slam into it? I started to panic. Should I start doing the brake thing the taught us, even though they told me not to?

Luckily the end was smooth and no one not even my dad slammed in to the big bag.

Well my mom had a close call. She was racing an instructor and had no intentions of breaking. We didn’t buy any pics they took, but they had a great pic of her coming to the end of the line.
I am so glad I didn’t turn back, because we had a blast. And I’m happy I overcame a fear.

I would definitely do it again.imageimage




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