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The beautiful colors of Otavalo Market, Ecuador. By Michael Orwick

We had heard that the Otavalo Market in Ecuador is the largest indigenous market in all of the country…on Saturdays. It was huge on Thursday, September 3rd when we went, but also fairly quiet and peaceful. Thankfully, otherwise I think my head may have exploded from a stimulus overload.


There is a vast array of Ecuadorian-made products including alpaca blankets, jackets, sweaters, and hats. An abundance of colorful woven items such as tablecloths, hammocks, and scarves. Loads of jewelry of varying quality, including some very nice silver items. Ecuadorian Panama Hats. Fruits, veggies and so many colorful desserts.


This was a great place for us to warm up our haggle muscles and to try to find some real deals on a few very beautiful alpaca scarves and hats for our Machu Picchu hike coming up in a few weeks.

imageimageimageAfter the market we visited the beautiful Pegucha waterfall

imageand then drove to a traditional restaurant overlooking the old volcanic Cuicocha lake.


Anyone want to guess what Elena is about to eat?

Some cuy.

Yep, that is a delicious Guinea Pig.

Not so sure she is as excited now that the little guy showed up with his head and feet still attached.


All in all a very memorable day.

6 thoughts on “The beautiful colors of Otavalo Market, Ecuador. By Michael Orwick

  1. Brenda

    OMG! Cody told me to tell you “I wouldn’t make my child eat that!” The picture of Elena and that dinner is PRICELESS!
    Looks like a fun time anyway, and glad to see your smiling faces in this post!

  2. Cynthia

    No Way! Isn’t a guinea pig part of the rodent family? You have no idea where it’s been….though you know where it is going.

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