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imageGreat article about our art adventure. Part one excerpt, please read the entire article with new images.

The Orwicks have been on the road for five months, painting and encouraging children in various parts of the world to paint, and they still have miles yet to go. We checked in with the globetrotting family to see what they have been up to.

“We are now nearly halfway through our journey, and I am happy to report that things have worked out beyond our wildest dreams,” reports Michael Orwick, the father and oldest artist in the group. He and his wife, Gabriela, and 10-year-old daughter, Elena Grace, set out in August with their concept called Studio Everywhere. “The genesis for this big trip started in the summer of 2014,” says Michael. “While traveling through Bulgaria and Greece, we came up with the idea of sharing art supplies with kids and asking them to paint self-portraits so we could learn about each other without a shared
“My daughter, then 9 years old, made lots of new friends, and the seeds of Studio Everywhere were laid. Slowly the idea of taking a school year off as a family and combining our three loves, art, travel, and philanthropy, took shape. Thanks to donors and sponsors, we have been able to leave large amounts of art supplies so these deserving kids can continue to create long after we

The Orwicks have already visited Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Qatar, India, Thailand, Laos, and the United States, and they have several more countries on their itinerary, including a few in Eastern Europe. The family arranges to paint in children’s centers, orphanages, and schools, introducing art to people who may not otherwise have the chance to express themselves visually. Studio Everywhere is sponsored by some big names in the industry, but it depends on contributions, too, so if you feel moved to do so, help them via this web page


  1. Carolee Dearborn

    What a great article! I’m constantly amazed by your adventures, Orwicks! We miss you around here, but are thrilled every time we see new pictures of your expedition.

  2. Marina Akie Ono

    What a wonderful inspiration for us who are watching your shared articles. A living example of courage, will power and strong determination! Wishing the family a great travel ahead!!! Looking foward to hearing more enlighnening news.

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