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Painting with friends in Bellavista, Ecuador

By Gaby Orwick

Bellavista is a magical place in the cloud forest, about 90 min northwest of Quito, Ecuador.  DSCN9158We had the fortune to not only visit, but to spend a memorable weekend in the Reserve’s “Research Station.”  Real adventure with lots of lush greens,colorful hummingbirds, and best of all – excellent friends.  Augusta – my dear college friend from Willamette University, whom we were visiting in Ecuador – was the mastermind behind it all.  We would have never found the place on our own tourist (or even long-term travelling) selves… and are sure glad we got to experience it.

What made it even more special is that we had 8 kids – ages 7-12 – who were eager to paint as a part of our global StudioEverywhere “how you see yourself in the world” project.  I hadn’t even pulled the camera out before they had the supplies all laid out, and were going at it.

DSCN9339The boys – Ale (12), Martin (10), Dani (10), and Damian (10) – gravitated to an interesting image – all rendering their own colorful version of the “eye of Mordor.”

DSCN9343  DSCN9347  DSCN9356  DSCN9349

The girls gave the topic a more literal shot, and especially Melinda (7) and Valeria (9) did quite the beautiful portraits. DSCN9382 DSCN9374

Elena (11) andDSCN9493 Mikaela (12) collaborated on a colorful collage.  It was such a joy to watch them all connect at an even deeper level as they drew and painted together.DSCN9507

The parents took a turn, too – so fun!  Nice job,
Ana, Jacindo, and Mike!

The cloud forest backdrop was inspiring, the light marvelous, the new friendships heart-warming, and the weekend – one we’ll never forget.



DSCN9361  DSCN9360  DSCN9359

~ Gaby Orwick | Oct 4, 2015

3 thoughts on “Painting with friends in Bellavista, Ecuador

  1. Augusta Parra

    Four families in one scientific station. Biologists go there to study the 56 kinds of birds while we went there to share art with kids. Hikes were fun and steep. We didn’t meet bears and small tigers we met each other hahaha We had some bacon pasta and lots of chocolate milk. The kids made a short and small fire, but got it done. It was great to hare this adventure. Pachecos, Cordero, Valencia, Parra :)

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