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Old Town Quito, Ecuador Treasure Hunt by Elena Grace Orwick

The walking tour through the beautiful town of Quito, Ecuador was wonderful. There was always lots to see and take photos of. Our Ecuadorian host, Martin, and his cousin, Dani, join
ed us for the day.
To make it a tad more exciting, on the ride over to the hostel hosting the tour, I made a treasure hunt to keep us busy if the tour got boring. Luckily, it never did, but it was still a blast look for the stuff on the list.image

Treasure Hunt!

  • #1 Church
  • #2 Bathroom (the boys said that one)
  • #3 Park
  • #4 Fountain
  • #5 Street merchant
  • #6 Dove
  • #7 Bridge
  • #8 Palm tree
  • #9 Vintage street light
  • #10 Bus stop

#1 – We saw 5 large churches, and after the tour we went back and entered 3 of them. One was a place you go and place candles – La Cathedral. We even bought some candles and Martin’s would not stay up it kept falling, but we thought the glow of the candles was as bright as a bon fire.

The next church – La Compaña – had 53 lbs of gold leaf making the whole place glow like a diamond. We got a very nice tour, and we learned a lot about timagehe culture of Ecuador. image





The third church – the Basilica – was stone. It was so tall! And you could go to the very top. Which I was too scared to do, because heights, steep stairs you will have to go down, and a TINY WOODEN bridge. If it broke you’d fall into uneven cement – no, thank you, I’ll pass. But the view that I did see was awesome. image

#2 – I was planning on talking about everyone on the list but I believe this one is better left unspoken. But at least there were baños.

#3 – We got the privilege of standing on the balcony of the Presidential Palace. imageWe didn’t actually go inside, but we got a rad view of the main square/park. It was very cool, we could see the huge statue in the middle of the park. It was of a
bronze lady with an intricate flowing dress in the wind, it was to represent Ecuador’s independence from Spain. On the bottom there was a lion and a condor, the condor is the state animal of Ecuador.

#4 – Sorry, I’m jumping ahead of myself. The first place we went to, after the Community Hostel where the tour started, was a cute little local market. They sold things from blood and gut stew (yes, they sell that) to a fruit called “guanabana,” which I tried to find opportunity to say because it is fun to say, try it.

We walked into the quiet part of the market, to a peaceful little courtyard with a fountain with a thin layer of moss and some cute tiny ferns growing off the sides – so natural!

#5 – We saw too many street merchants to count. They were lined up along walls, on the streets, imageand also selling you things as you are stopped at the lights, or in line to get gas.

The most frequent merchants were cute old ladies selling food, alpaca products, lottery tickets, and more.

#6 – in example #2, I mentioned the condor on the statue, my favorite part about that condor is that it was covered in pigeons and doves. They were on the head, the wings, all over it, and every time they would fly away they would come back. Like they thought it was their mommy.

#7 – As I mentioned in example #1 we had to go on a very skinny wooden bridge, and I totally freaked out, because there were so many people on the bridge at once. We would have had to wait on the bridge for our turn to go up the ladder/stairs. And I had no intention on staying on that bridge! image

#8 – I am still surprised that there are palm trees in Quito because we were not too close to the beach. The palms were in the park. Later I learned that it’s because we are on the equator. Oh yeah, it is called Ecuador.image

#9 – We saw some beautiful architecture. One of my favorite styled things were the street lights. They were so intricate, and their shape reminded me of the ones in Portland. That was really comforting. Like a bit of home away from home.


#10 – One of the most interesting part of the tour for me was seeing all the different kinds of people. The most interesting was at the bus stop, it was fun to see all the different clothes. Work, school, and even traditional clothes. It was really colorful.










I feel so lucimageky that I got this experience, and I can’t wait to see more of Ecuador.

I love the culture, and I am so inspired by the people. I am glad I got to share this experience with Martin and his cousin Dani, it was fun to see their reaction when they learned something new or added something the guide did not mention.

I don’t think I’ll forget Martin and his mom Augusta, his cousins’ family, or Quito!

Miss you!!



7 thoughts on “Old Town Quito, Ecuador Treasure Hunt by Elena Grace Orwick

  1. Lola Dennis

    Great review of an exciting day in Ecuador. I love the photo of you an Martin and Dani by the stained glass window. That is beautiful. I have not been there but got to go to Chili, and it looks very much alike. I am wondering what you have painted? Tell your Dad I miss his teaching already! Best wishes for more great travels!

  2. Brenda

    Great review Elena! It looks like Equador has no shortage of bright and happy colors, especially those in the giant stained glass window! How wonderful for you all. Be well, and glad to know there were baños included in the treasure hunt. Ha ha!

  3. Laurie and Ken Orwick

    Traveling Orwicks. Fun tour,Elena. Hello from Strombergs. We are waterlogged from hours in the Fairmont Hot Springs pool. Off to Butte tomorrow to learn mining history and do our Treasure Hunt. Love Grandpa O

  4. Augusta Parra

    Dear Elena, you write very well. I’m glad you liked Quito. What do you remember the most of that day? Missing you, Augustita

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