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Lucky #13: Painting in Thalatta Camp, Greece (again!)

Travelling in Europe has been different – much easier in many ways, but also overwhelming in its richness of easily accessible wonders.  After the relatively slower travel pace in South America and Asia, our European route feels fast and furious.  We’ve seen and experienced incredible things, and revalidated again and again that we live in a most beautiful world.image  image    image  image


We however didn’t get to do art with kids, which while expected, was a bit disappointing.  Passing thru places for a few days at a time didn’t afford us the connection with the local communities in a meaningful way to actually organize a StudioEverywhere project.  A few places where we got leads, it would have required a seemingly lengthy administrative process to facilitate access… and a steep opportunity cost of missing on new experience, neither of which was in the cards.  The “need” factor wasn’t as prominent either, and while our focus was on doing art with children, regardless of socio-economic status, we realized there is more curiosity and enthusiasm when the gift of art is something outside the daily norm…

We had exceeded our goal by nearly 150%, working with over 450 kids so far, and we chose to venture on, and cherish the unforgettable memories of the 12 projects we already completed.  Just working on the photos and drafting a photobook, which we’d like to publish when we return, brings back so many remarkable moments, making me smile and filling my heart.

Then we headed to Greece for a couple weeks holiday with my sister’s family.  Being back in Kalamitsi brougimageht back the memory of our pilot project in 2014, when we gathered a bunch of kids on the beach to test out the idea of painting “how do you see yourself in the world” self-portraits.  We had to do it again!

My sister was our biggest cheer-leader, my brother-in-law brought art supplies from Sofia, and my nephews and Elena invited their many friends to join in.  Before you know it we had about 25 kids from Bulgaria, Greece and Serbia gathered around to paint.  StudioEverywhere edition #13 was real, lively, and a perfect way to wrap the “round-the-world kids doing and sharing art” adventure up.  So much to be grateful for – Πολά ευχαριστώ!


One thought on “Lucky #13: Painting in Thalatta Camp, Greece (again!)

  1. John Rosmaryn

    I cannot imagine a more wonderful and educational trip for Elena. She has to have learned so much … I cannot imagine. Travel and integrations are wonderful …

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