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Images of India

By Michael Orwick

This is our short video of our experience in India:​.

Good bye, India. We leave you amazed and exhausted. You are a country filled with so much beauty and promise, I wish you all the best as you tackle your smog, garbage and poverty while maintaining what it is that makes you so special.


2 thoughts on “Images of India

  1. Mary Chamie

    Having lived in Northern India for several years, I appreciate your summary remarks. It is an amazing and haunting place. I hope you saw some of the fascinating tribal art of the Biharis.

  2. Lola Dennis

    It is a beautiful tribute to India. I find the images you send to be so artistic. Imagine that! Such beauty and color in the clothing that is amazing. Hope your travels continue to be a blessing to you all and to the others you reach out to!

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