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How Children Express Themselves – The Studio Everywhere Project


Studio Everywhere focuses on life through the eyes of a child expressed through their original

artwork themed, How I see Myself in the World. Children from orphanages, schools and

community centers around the world will have the opportunity to experience painting and

drawing lessons by Michael, Gaby and 10-year-old Elena Orwick. The trio begins this unique

year-long, around the world journey in August with Costa Rica as their first stop. They plan to visit

several countries in South America, Asia and Europe.


“We hope to capture and share a compelling story of how art transcends language, builds trust

and a stronger global community, and reflects deep cultural insight, as we invite children to

express themselves through art,” explains Michael, a local artist.




The Orwicks want to activate a lasting desire for positive social through the project, and beyond.

While it would be tremendously rewarding to offer support and resources to the children who

participate, the Orwicks envision a much greater impact by sharing the stories through a network

effect, including a digital blog, published report of photos, stories, and

data of their journey and actual projects, and an exhibition featuring completed art.

Their bold vision is to use the experience reflection and “evidence” to inform “Studio Everywhere”

launching as a non-profit organization to energize future engagement and art-for-social-change


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