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Hashy hashy hashy, pushy pushy, Original!

By Elena Orwick


1029151248We were in Rio, on Copacabana beach when happened.

We were just heading up to go get dressed for dinner, when we saw him.

We met Gregorio, as we were about to reach the sidewalk, he came up to us to show us his product. He was explaining how he made them himself. He was saying that they were “Original.”

First you should probably know what his product is.


They are these really cool purses, made of the little metal part on cans that you flip up to open it, we think it may be called a “Pop Top”
Any ways this is exactly what he said and did.

He would smash the bag and it would kinda fold in and become like a little pocket book purse, then he showed us how he could put part of the strap in and zip it, so it was like a whole different purse. And as he did this he would say “ Hashy hashy hashy.”

After this exciting show he would demonstrate that if you pulled the purse or you could say stretch it and unzip it is would become the first purse again.

As he did this he sang out “Pushy pushy pushy.”  When he finally was done he would say “ Original!”

We regretfully left, and couldn’t stop thinking about it, and laughing, we decided we had to come back, but before he would hand us the purse we bought, he did the show two more times, to our delight.

That guy made our day😊


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