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Creepy and Hilarious Salesman

By Elena Orwick:

“Pursuit of the persistent, pushy, possibly psycho balloon boy.”

1116151722We were at a beach in Mumbai, India.The beach was called Juhu Beach, and was covered with people and trash.

Right when we touched the sand a boy came up to us, well, up to Shaunak, and tried to sell him a balloon.

1116151725a - Copy


Yatin refused and we walked away, seconds later the boy was in front of us again, his haunting lack of expression frozen on his face.

He was rubbing the balloon, making this annoying squeaking,  that was like nails on a chalk board, and he showed no signs of giving up.

1116151732_HDRHe followed us for 20 min without saying a word,staying way too close for comfort, his expression never ever changed, he was blank yet determined, he even followed Shaunak into the water getting his long jeans soaked to the knee.

It was getting creepy, annoying, and I was getting ready to pop that balloon when Yatin (who had been handling it quite well, mostly keeping himself between the boy and Shaunak) handed the boy ten rupees and took a balloon and kept walking. We turned around and balloon boy was nowhere to be seen.👻🎈👻

This is the part were you go: “bom bom buuummm!”


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