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Costa Rican Stars


By Elena Orwick (11)

We were driving down the dark road, and I was on my iPad. I was starting to get car sick so I turned off my iPad and looked out my open window, and I looked up…
The Stars were as bright as fires on the beach at night, and they caught me momentarily in awe. I stared at the little pinpricks of light for over five min. I will never look at the sky the same way. After that I got to thinking about how hundreds of other people could be looking at the same constellations, the same stars reflecting in their curious eyes. The same wonder on their face, who knows?
I don’t know why but I just started crying, at first I thought something wet hit from outside but then I felt the burning in my throat and I knew. Maybe the beauty just overwhelmed me (ya too gushy) Or maybe I just felt lucky, lucky to be doing this trip with the people I love, lucky to have people who will miss me, or maybe just lucky because I could see the stars.

Our friend Wayne young took this amaizing pic off the beach

Our new friend Wayne Young took this amazing pic off the beach

4 thoughts on “Costa Rican Stars

  1. Lola Dennis

    Beautiful thoughts Michael, thanks for being MAN enough to share them! God’s creation is amazing glad you had that wonderful moment and could share it with your beautiful wife and precious daughter!

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