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Colibri (hummingbirds) – by Elena Grace Orwick

DSCN9620So many hummingbirds!

They are amazing. They are beautiful. They are colorful, so many colors, some with chests of bright purple and a red, that in the light the color looks pink. We also saw a big blue one, that we could not get a picture of but final managed one. But my favorites were the tiny ones, that zoomed around like darts but instead of a dart board it was the feeders they had out that they zoomed at it full of sugary water. And they looked……

Hyper. They look like they drank way too much coffee. I keep on thinking they are gonna explode with caffeine, sugar, and feathers.

DSCN9704    DSCN9697    DSCN9630    DSCN9245

DSCN9163    DSCN9180    DSCN9214    DSCN9194

I was later told I should not wear bright colors becauDSCN9479se of attack birds. Yeah, attack hummingbirds, because they are attracted to vibrant things. Sadly all I brought was bright clothes. But luckily no attack birds. Though the boy that we were with, Martin, was always keeping an eye out. He was telling the other kids we were at risk of birds in the eyes. I felt really lucky I was with other kids, we had the best hide and seek game ever!

We struggled to take photos, so my dad tried taking a slow-mo video.  And you still can’t see the wings they are still a blur. But we did get some amazing photos with my mom’s big camera.

I will never look at hummingbirds the same way!!!!!
Sincerely Elena ♥️

DSCN9188   DSCN9199   DSCN9219   DSCN9665

DSCN9254   DSCN9207   DSCN9717   DSCN9693

PS:  We got to see some other colorful birds, too…

DSCN9680   DSCN9601   DSCN9749   DSCN9579



One thought on “Colibri (hummingbirds) – by Elena Grace Orwick

  1. Betty Townsend

    Elena, a friend of mine had on a muu-muu with bright flowers and was changing the humming bird feeders. This little bird came right up to her and tried to get into a flower on her dress. I guess we were lucky that we didn’t have a ton of hummingbirds.

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