Studio Everywhere

Set-Ready-Go Checklist

PROJECT for est. 12 kids:  group size varies |  ideal age:  6-12


DURATION: ~2 hrs incl. set up, snacks and clean up


SET UP: flexible and adaptable to the space

  • 2 (two) 4×8 tables with space on both (long) sides to kids to line up and paint
  • access to water for painting and for clean up
  • space near a wall/fence where we can hang completed art to dry before pick up
  • (optional) spot for an easel or wall space again to pin a poster about the project
  • (optional) drop cloth cover for the floor or tables
  • (optional) clothes (t-shirts/cover ups) that can get messy
  • garbage can (plastic bags work fine)
  • tape and/or string and hanging pins (painters’ tape)
  • couple copies of printed instructions for reference
  • business cards and stickers to leave w/ artists
  • pencils / sharpies to write name, age, etc. on back of page


ART SUPPLIES: pick up at a local store

  • pencils x12, erasers x4, sharpener x2
  • paint – white, black, yellow, blue, red at min, acrylic or tempera, 5 oz per color
  • watercolor paper – 1-2 sheets per kid, 8×11 to 12×16
  • brushes – 12+ various sizes
  • palettes (paper plates, x4-6)
  • containers for water (3-6 jars/water cups)
  • paper towel
  • wet wipes



  • (critical) focal contact who can help with set up and esp. to translate
  • snacks for  after the event
  • camera + batteries
  • StudioEverywhere t-shirts

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