Studio Everywhere


Why the art project and how do the kids respond? 

Our hypotheses that (a) all kids love art, and (b) art transcends language are being proven over and over again, as we engage different groups of children to paint self-portraits and share how they see themselves in the world.  The experience is universal – whether the kids are tentative at first or can’t wait to start even before we are done introducing the project – the result is always positive – from gentle strokes to bold color use, and smiles to full on laughter, beautiful work of colorful expression emerge.  Love seeing the kids gleaming with pride as they bring friends or teachers over to the gallery wall to share their work.

How do you plan / organize the projects? Who do you work with typically?

It varies on how we arrange the project – so far it’s been a combination of kind friends making arrangements, at schools or charities they are involved with, for us, and mostly sharing about StudioEverywhere with locals, who in turn help us connect with local children’s organizations.  To-date we’ve completed 11 projects, working with over 420 kids.  E.g.:

In Cuzco, Peru we worked with The Meeting Place to find Altivas Canas after-school care for single mothers’ kids, housed in a garage in the outskirts of the city. 

In Cuenca, Ecuador we heard of the Miguel Leon Hogar in our guesthouse, and walked around to find it, and when the Madre wasn’t available to meet at first, just showing up with the art supplies. 

In La Fortuna, Costa Rica, our host Shirley, at the Tangara hotel, helped connect us with the local orphanage “Hogarcito.”  

In Bordi, India, Amod, the groom of a wedding we were attending with friends, made arrangements with the local rural school he supports, and some 60+ students joined us on a non-school day to paint. 

In Chiang Mai, Thailand, after doing the project with the talented residents of the Children’s Shelter Foundation, we were invited back to paint with the village school.

Most recently in Siem Reap, Cambodia, we walked down the road from our (Bunyong) homestay to the orphanage/after-hours English school, and painted into the evening with nearly 70 more kids.