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StudioEverywhere is our family’s ambition to experience and learn more about how ART 850f810af82a5b99037a16787e93e47cempowers, connects, and inspires across geographic and socio-economic boundaries.

StudioEverywhere officially launched in August 2015, with a 10-month round-the-world journey. We are traveling across the Central and South America, Asia, and Europe.  Everywhere we go, we invite children to paint and draw self-portraits expressing “how they see thimg_0988emselves in the world.”

As we facilitate Studio Everywhere art workshops internationally – including art lessons by professional artists Michael Orwick and 11-year-old Elena Grace Orwick – we aim to capture and share a compelling story of how art transcends language, builds trust for a stronger global community, and reflects a deep cultural insight.


What is the actual art project like?

We work with a group of school-aged kids to paint “how they see themselves in thimg_3386e world” self-portraits.  It’s a flexible project that creates a special experience and learning about how children from around the world express themselves through art.

We use paper, brushes and acrylic paints (washable but may be messy), and provide all the supplies.

The typical project is with about 12-20 kids, unless we have more adults/older kids helping (which we always welcome :-).  With setup, clean up and snack (if allowed), estimate it to take ~2 hrs (longer if there are more young artists participating).  Ideal age is 6-12 years old, and again, we are flexible.

img_8417-1To document the project, we like to take a photo of each child with his/her finished drawing/painting and capture their name and age.  Participation grants permission to take photos throughout the process, and of each artist with their artwork.   If any concern, anyone could opt out.

To celebrate the art experience, upon completion of the project, we display the work on a wall for everyone’s enjoyment.



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