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1st week Costa Rica slideshow video

Click link to see video trim.76548510-CA60-4381-A371-A9459FAE1376

We have been experimenting with different ways of organizing and sharing our photos with friends and family while on the road.

Here is a 4 minute iMovie of our first week traveling in Costa Rica.  Elena celebrated her 11th birthday with lots of cards sent a head by many of her dear fimageriends. We spent a night near Montazuma in a cute red cabin then drove all day up to Guanacaste where we stayed in a nice timeshare and took our time exploring a few of the beaches nearby and a jungle hike to look for super stinky thermal pools.
Do do you have any great ideas of how to share and organize photos while traveling?

Also if you like this video and think I should make one for each week or two please let me know.


2 thoughts on “1st week Costa Rica slideshow video

  1. Uncle Mike Seeborg

    It’s great to see the beautiful pictures and video. It looks like your adventure is off to a great start with the Studio Everywhere adventure. Keep those photos and commentary coming and have a marvelous travel adventure!

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