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10 things we have learned so far! STUDIO EVERYWHERE MAKES TRACKS, MAKES WAVES

Great article about our art adventure.
This is excerpt 2.

Michael dropped a few stats on us. “Three hundred and fifty children have joined us to make beautiful and creative self-portraits to
share with the world,” he says. “We’ve been on more than 25 flights to visit over nine countries, seeing eight Wonders of the World and UNESCO World Heritage sites. We’ve had more than 450 meals, often not knowing what we are ordering or eating.


Michael dropped a few stats on us. “And there are 10 things we have learned along the way —so far.

 Kids everywhere love art!

McDonald’s is everywhere!

It is easy to make new friends without even speaking the same language.

When you are in a new place, just walking out the front door usually leads to an adventure.

Taking what we call a ‘Down Day,’ time to rest and reflect and recuperate, is important.

Expectations can cripple honest experiences.

If you can’t travel with a kid, travel like a kid.

Too much spicy food is not a good thing.

Accept things as not good or bad, just different.

Most coffee around the world sucks, er, I mean, is different.”

He adds, “Bonus lesson: You can actually live out of a carry on bag for a very long time if you wash your underwear often.

“Bonus lesson No. 2: This is a quote from Joshua Becker that we read before leaving that rings more true every day: ‘Fill your life with experiences, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show.’

Michael quickly adds, “I would like to make it clear that this quote is not applicable to those thinking of adding any of my art to their home — I encourage you to think of my painting as an experience, not stuff!”

2 thoughts on “10 things we have learned so far! STUDIO EVERYWHERE MAKES TRACKS, MAKES WAVES

  1. Sandra Stone

    Michael, there was a time when I traveled. I now mostly travel in the landscape of photographs and in books…a book is a journey, a landscape for the mind. I’m a lifetime poet/playwright and etcteras you’ve no time to read while living this (no adjective not too used) … call it your ‘THIS’. This is the moment of the day of your lives. Kids are a passion of mine. Many books on the art of Maori children. Suggest you’d be interested. Feedback? Yes. Culminate with art of homeless kids and kids living in shelters in the worst cities of USA. Worst? Wait until November and you’ll know which they are. I don’t have spare dollars if subscribe means support your dream. But, if it gives flight to my imagination, I’m in.

  2. Veena

    Dearest Gaby and family, I am traveling with you and enjoying the stories and connections you are all making. I am missing you, can’t wait to see you!!! Safe travels!!!

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